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Serum panjangkan bulu mata
Cara guna sama dgn guna Mascara, sehari 2 kali , pagi dgn malam.
Kalau nak lebih cepat berkesan boleh guna 3-4kali sehari.

PS: lepas pakai Variable Y masih boleh pakai Mascara TAPI kena tunggu gel Variable Y tu kering br sapu Mascara.


Variable Y Eyelash Growth tonic only 5-15 days strongly fast Eyelash Growth products 5ml Guaranteed 100% genuine

Variable Y Eyelash Growth Tonic

This eyelash growth tonic is 5ml, and it can use about a month.

According to the growth situation, different people may have different effective.
Basically on most people, you can see the effective of eyelash growth in 5-15 days, this strong, fast growth tonic.

Just need to brush the eyelash, every eyelash should been brushed. Do not need to brush to the roots of eyelashes! if the tonic is into your eye, it will be painful, and you should wash your eye with water at once! never use the tonic on somewhere you don't need to, or where you used the tonic, the hair will grow very fast.

Do not worry, president of the fat particles, grease and more, our product is based with olive oil which can be absorbed by the body! There is no possibility of long fat. When you use Variable Y growth tonic, you should insist use the tonic two times a day, one time in morning, the other time in the evening.

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